ACRAGappLEAP has convened four working groups to develop a set of voluntary practices that energy companies can adopt to manage risk to their operations and to protect significant historic and cultural  resources.

Our voluntary practices are designed to give companies better information on which to base their decisions and to be fully integrated into business practices, yielding efficiencies and cost savings over time. Our early planning tools allow companies to plan better projects.

Our approach includes:

— A GIS-based screening tool that will put in one place all available data about known archaeological sites, historic properties, and cemeteries, and then use a predictive model to assess whether areas slated for development are high risk, medium risk, or low risk
— A sensitivity model to help companies determine whether a particular site in the path of development is sensitive enough to warrant avoidance, or to plan for mitigation needs
— A user manual to guide implementation of the approach and to advice field workers on chance finds