LEAP's Mission

Better planning makes better projects.

Leaders in Energy and Preservation (LEAP) is a coalition of energy companies and historic preservation groups promoting best practices for early planning that deliver efficient energy projects through responsible heritage management. Our leaders include representatives from Shell, Hess Corp., Southwestern Energy, TransCanada, and the Society for American Archaeology, among others. Our best practices and technological innovations help energy companies manage risk and plan successful projects that protect significant heritage resources such as archaeological sites, historic properties, and sites of cultural importance to indigenous people.

LEAP's Values

LEAP values collaboration and pragmatism. We believe that cultural resources – the collective evidence of activities and accomplishments of society – are worthy of protection. Cultural resources teach us about our history, influence modern decision-making, and empower local communities.

Domestic energy development contributes significantly to American energy independence and national security. Energy development is growing our economy at both the national and local levels, and has transformed our national energy outlook. We believe that energy development can be done successfully and responsibly, and in ways that protect cultural resources. Early planning is the key.

LEAP welcomes participation from all stakeholders who share these values, and strives for a balance of representatives from the energy industry and the cultural resources community.

LEAP's Vision

LEAP’s vision is for energy developers and preservation advocates to work together to protect and document our nation’s invaluable cultural resources for current and future generations while harnessing the national security and economic advantages of domestic energy production.