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16 02, 2018

Come talk LEAP with Managing Director Marion Werkheiser in Albuquerque!

Next week, LEAP Managing Director Marion Werkheiser will be in New Mexico for the Southern Gas Association Technical Conference on Environmental Permitting and Construction! If you plan to attend or live nearby, she’d love to talk over exciting LEAP initiatives to support your environmental permitting processes and increase predictability around cultural resources compliance. Contact her to connect!

2 07, 2017

LEAP Welcomes Ernest Ladkani to the Board of Directors

LEAP is pleased to welcome Ernest Ladkani to our Board of Directors. Ernest currently serves as a Senior Advisor within the Environmental Planning & Permitting team for U.S. natural gas pipelines operated by TransCanada. Based in Houston, TX, he has over 25 years of project management experience associated with natural and cultural resource management for multiple concurrent linear infrastructure projects. Ernest […]

26 06, 2017

LEAP Board Meets in Kentucky

The LEAP board held its annual retreat this June at board chair Chuck Niquette’s farm just outside Nicholasville, Kentucky. Our discussions focused on launching a screening tool that will allow companies to have more information about historic resources in their project areas early in the planning process. We were pleased to welcome special guest Lori Scott, the Chief Information Officer of NatureServe, who shared with us how the biodiversity […]

11 11, 2016

Join us in Houston on November 17

LEAP Board Members Mark Boling, Doug Maddams, and Maniksaq Baumgartner will participate in a Power Session at the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s PastForward Conference on Thursday, Nov. 17. The session will take place from 4:30pm-5:00pm at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Room 362E. Join us and learn about LEAP’s innovative approach to managing cultural resources risk. Energy executives wishing to attend should contact Marion Werkheiser with your name […]

10 03, 2016

LEAP Needs 5 Minutes of Your Time

Please help LEAP by taking this very brief survey. Your response will help inform LEAP’s efforts to build a GIS-based screening tool for energy companies that will provide better information about cultural resources early in the planning process. Learn more about the screening tool here.

27 10, 2015

LEAP Speaks about Penn Pipelines and Voluntary Practices

On Wednesday, Leaders in Energy and Preservation (LEAP) will speak to Pennsylvania’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force in Harrisburg about managing cultural resources risk through our voluntary practices. In 2014, DEP reported that Pennsylvania was the second largest supplier of natural gas in the nation, producing more than 4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. As a result of this enormous growth, which is predicted to continue, Pennsylvania Governor Tom […]

12 10, 2015

API, IOGP, and IPIECA Add Cultural Heritage to Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

In September, IPIECA, API, and IOGP released their 3rd Edition of Guidance for the oil and gas industry on voluntary sustainability reporting (available here). The Guidance is a collaborative publication by three of the world’s largest oil and gas industry associations. The International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) is the global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues and the lead […]

23 09, 2015

Learn about LEAP! Webinar Recording Available

On September 17, LEAP conducted a webinar entitled Voluntary Best Practices for Facility Siting and Heritage Management, hosted by the Southern Gas Association. Now you can view a recording of the webinar at your convenience here.

The webinar describes how LEAP uses a voluntary approach to work with companies involved in both conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and pipeline construction to develop tools that will increase the efficiency of […]

10 09, 2015

Learn About LEAP on September 17

Join us for Voluntary Best Practices for Facility Siting and Heritage Management, a webinar hosted by the Southern Gas Association on September 17 at 11am Eastern. Registration is FREE and available on SGA’s website here.

Participants will learn how LEAP uses a voluntary approach to work with companies involved in both conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and pipeline construction to develop tools that would increase the efficiency of […]

30 07, 2015

LEAP past the GAPP!

The Gas and Preservation Partnership (GAPP) board has changed our name to Leaders in Energy and Preservation (LEAP)! The new name reflects our commitment to engaging all sectors of the energy industry– oil and gas, pipelines, wind, solar, utilities, and more! Join us today!