LEAP applauds the leadership of W. Kevin Pape, chair of our Adoption, Implementation & Assessment Working Group. The AIA group is focusing on how LEAP’s voluntary practices are implemented and is producing a user guide for energy companies. The working group is also focused on encouraging energy companies to adopt these voluntary practices.

Le Figaro - LEAPMr. W. Kevin Pape is President of Gray & Pape, Inc., a heritage management consulting firm with offices across the eastern United States.  Mr. Pape is a nationally recognized expert in cultural heritage management, historic preservation, and applied archaeology and helps his clients to successfully navigate compliance with Section 106 and NEPA for challenging energy infrastructure projects. Mr. Pape actively engages with community revitalization projects and initiatives. He is a former President of the American Cultural Resources Association and currently serves as Board Chair of Heritage Ohio, Inc.  He is also Managing Partner of Northern Land Use Research Alaska, LLC, the firm selected to provide cultural resource management services to the Alaska LNG Project.


Established in 1987, Gray & Pape, Inc. is a national consulting firm specializing in cultural resources management and historic preservation services. During our 25 year history we have conducted more than 1,500 projects and established a reputation for understanding the intricacies of the CRM process. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH the firm maintains offices in Indianapolis, IN; Richmond, VA; Providence, RI; and Rabbit Hash, KY and qualifies as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE).